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POF Love Stories

Kelly & Mark

To tell the truth, Iíve never believed in online dating and all those success stories Iíve come across on the web. However, it is online dating that made me the happiest woman in the world. How could that happen? I guess, I am just a lucky person and this is my love story.

I am not really young. Actually, Iíve recently turned 45. Thatís why I have almost lost any hope to get married again and I didnít even plan toÖ until I signed up with POF! Now I realize that it was one of the most important steps in my whole life. If I have not decided to do that, I would have never met Mark. He is just wonderful! Everything he does is filled with care, love and unbelievable generosity. He does not care for me only, but he also supports my two children and they appreciate his care. Mark is a real gentleman, so he treats women in the special way. I was really surprised when he opened the door for me and handed a coat to me when we went out for the first time. Though such behavior seems quite natural, Iíve already forgotten what it feels like to be a woman, since my first husband never acted that way!

When I saw Markís photo on POF, the first thing Iíve paid attention to was his kind and gentle smile. That is why I decided to get in touch with him and Iíve never regretted that step. Mark supported me a lot after the painful divorce procedure Iíve gone through, because he has undergone the same challenge five years ago. So, he understood me like no one else. My now-husband and I have similar interests and hobbies and we also share the same ideas. It seems that we are two parts of one unit! That is exactly what Iíve dreamt about for my whole life!

Thank you, POF, for helping me find the best man in the world!

Married 2/ 2011

Stephanie & Jacob

We have finally found each other and I still canít believe this has happened! POF has united our hearts forever and this is what we are thankful to this amazing website for! We have been together for a year and a half already and we even have the most charming baby in the world Ė our daughter Eva, who has turned 6 months old! As soon as Iíve met Jacob, I realized why exactly my previous relationships didnít work out! This person is the one Iíve always seen in my dreams. Iíve found his photo on Plenty of Fish andÖ fell in love from the first sight, though I did not believe in things like that before. Jacob admits he felt the same way. So, I decided not to lose this perfect chance to talk to this person and Skyped to him the same evening. We talked for more than an hour and did not notice how the time passed. I had that strange feeling, when it feels like you have known the person for a lifetime and that made me think about destiny. So, we arranged the date and met face-to-face the next day and nothing could separate us since that time. We felt the desire to learn more about each other and we actually were surprised at discovering that we had much in common! We dated for 3 months before the engagement and married on March 20, 2011. We are planning to have two or three kids and we are going to move to a bigger house next month! THANKS A LOT, POF, FOR MAKING US SO HAPPY!

Married 3/2011

Monika & Steve

Do you believe in soul mates? I DO! And Iíve found this person on POF! I registered at this website two years ago andÖ soon forgot about that! This is because Iíve been involved into previous relationships and did that mainly for fun. I was also curious to see how such dating sites work. Unfortunately, my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and I could not forgive him. That was when I recollected the fact of POF registration. Well, I did not think that I could meet someone special at this website, but I actually did! It was Steveís initiative to mail me at first and, to be honest, I did not have any desire to build new relationships at that time. I just wanted to talk to other people and make friends and I hoped that it could help me forget about my loneliness. Steve was one of my numerous friends and I did not treat him seriously (though he did!). After a month of our communication he suddenly disappeared and this was when I realized that I missed him a lot! The thought that I could never talk to him again drove me crazy and I couldnít believe my eyes when I saw him online one day. It turned out that he had some problems at work and spent days and nights in his office. He offered to meet offline and I happily agreed. That was the start of our relationships.

Steve has everything Iíve ever searched for in a man. He is so caring, open-hearted, kind and has a unique sense of humor. We are not married yet, but we already live together and he has popped a question last Sunday. Of course, I agreed to marry him and we want that to happen in half a year. There is one thing Iím sure in: we would not be so happy without POF, so thank you for helping us find each other in this hasty world!

Married 12/2011

Anna & Jason

I wish to share my love story with all those POF users who are just trying to find their second halves. Iím sure it will help them believe in their success! When my friend Jackie recommended me to join Plenty of Fish after the painful break up with my previous husband, I could not believe that it could work for me. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and, you know what? I am even afraid to imagine how my life would be today if Iíve not done that! I was lucky to meet the most charming, caring and thoughtful man in the world and it is POF that changed my life for the better! That is why I found Jason exactly the type of a person I need to be happy.

Though I am only 25, I already have two kids. So, I found it hard to believe that a young man would eagerly accept my children to love and care for them like a real father. Everything changed after the first date with Jason. He told he loved kids a lot and dreamt of a big and happy family! Weíve been together for a year already and we are planning to get married on August 19, 2013. We wish to have one or two kids with Jason and hope that our dream will eventually come true thanks to you!

Married 7/ 2012

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