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POF Love Stories

Sandy & Isaac

Wow! I’ve just noticed that it is mainly girls who leave posts here. Well, I’ll be one of those men who would like to leave a nice love story here. POF was not the first dating website I’ve registered with. Nonetheless, it turned out to be the one that helped me find the girl of my dreams. Was this love at first sight? Not for me! The thing is that all my friends considered me a devoted “womanizer”, so my only intention was to get acquainted with as many ladies as possible just for fun. Everything changed on July, 15! Yeah, I still remember the date, which is another proof of my serious attitude and love to my now-fiancee! What did I like about her most of all? I still cannot answer this question, because I liked everything about Sandy - her eyes, gentle smile, warm and kind voice, her laugh, the way she behaved – EVERYTHING!!! She was also the first girl who did not show any interest after the first talk and probably that caused the desire to win her heart. Since that day, I forgot about all my previous girlfriends and I even worked out a plan that could help me attract Sandy’s attention! At first, I invited her to the movies and then to the restaurant. I bought flowers for her every day and presented her with all those romantic things girls adore. And all my efforts were successful! Now we live together and our wedding will take place on September 25, 2012. That was how POF changed my life forever!

Married 7/ 2012

Lucy & Karl

Our love story is not really one-of-a kind, but it IS unique for us! We are one of those happy couples that met here, at POF, five months ago. Both of us were not excited with the idea of online dating at first, but Plenty of Fish seemed quite trustworthy, so we decided to give it a try. Karl and I sent lots of messages to other people for over two months before we found each other. The first message was from Karl. He wrote that I looked very attractive and that he would be excited to have a talk with me. Well, I did not have anything against that, so I agreed. Our first conversation was through Skype and I was pleased with it! Then Karl offered to meet in a cafe for a cup of coffee the next day, so we went out and spent the whole day together. Then came our second date, which was… in the circus! I’ve never laughed so much before and these memories make me smile each time I recollect them! Since that evening I was sure that Karl is the kind of person I’ve been searching for during such a long time! POF is much more than just an ordinary dating website for both of us! It is our “special” place – the one, where we met and became happy!

Married 9/2012

Claris & Andrew

Yeah, we would also like to express our gratitude to Plenty of Fish! We started our communication as friends, since we lived in different towns. The attraction became mutual soon and two months later Andrew decided to move to my native town to be closer to me. Pretty romantic, ha? We met offline and became just inseparable. Both of us believe in love and destiny, so we are sure that our relationships will last for a lifetime!

Married 11/2012

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